CX Evaluation     As-Is Analysis

CX Evaluation As-Is Analysis

We wear your hat, roll our sleeves up to understand the way you do business and we write notes, allot of notes, actually, to analyze and pinpoint the pain areas for you and your customers. CX Evaluation comprises the following stages:

    • Workshops: This is where we meet all the executives in the organization and present to them our findings, pain areas and the impact on business.
    • Customers insights: Listening to customers themselves to draw the full picture and understand what your customers want & needs are.
    • System insights: Every company has a pile of systems to do all sort of things for the business to keep running, but do they really serve the customer?
  • Process insights: processes are the business binders, without them, it’s very hard for a business to sustain. The question is, do they bind customers with the brand?
  • Employees insights: Somebody once said, “happy employee = happy customer” however this somebody forgot to define the word “HAPPY”. Did you know that “HAPPY” employee = loyal customer + increasing brand value?